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The object of the game is to roll a ball into a number, add those numbers up to make 7 or 11. Each player is given three balls. They roll the first ball and what ever number it lands on is their number. Then they roll the second ball and hope both numbers add up to 7 or 11. If they do not, they roll the third ball. If your numbers add up to 7 or 11 you’re a winner!

Bean Bag Toss

Each person is given three bean bags. You try to throw the bean bags through the numbers on the clown. The one that gets the highest score is the winner.

Color Wheel

Big Wheel Keeps on Spinnin’! Players spin the wheel to try for the space with the winning color. You decide which one wins. Each color is on the wheel a different number of times to set the difficulty. Colors may vary.

Giant Twister

A new TWIST on an old game! Up to 24 players compete in teams or individually outmaneuvering opponents on a giant mat.

Hole-In-One Pool Golf

This is a great game for any event that plans to give away prizes, coupons, or cash. The lucky person that gets a hole in one is the winner.

Ring Toss

You can play this game anyway that you would like. Give each person 3 to 5 rings. The person that gets the most rings around the poles gets the biggest prize. Or different prizes for the different number of poles ringed.

Shock Wave

Can You Make the Distance?Players use an insulated wand to guide a loop over a twisted wire to the base and back. Each touch of the wand to the wire sets off a loud bell. Players can compete to see how few times they set off the bell, or not at all.

Spin Art

This old time favorite never fades in popularity. Select your paint colors, then spin the card in the spin are machine. What you get is your very own custom creation. Outrageous Fun!!!

Team Walkers

This is a competitive group competition. 12 players (six to a set of skies) at a time race to see who can make it to the finish line first. Spectators will be laughing historically as they watch how just uncoordinated people really are. Only the team with the best leader will win this race.

Snow not included!!