Morris & Co of The Quad Cities is the perfect location for your kids to
spend a day in the country and experience learning the fun way.
TEAM BUILDING – Learn to work together and support each other as the
student’s problem solve their way through a series of “ropes” challenges.
PAN FOR REAL GEMS – Sift through sand in a flume line and find at least
1000 carats of real topaz, amethyst, emeralds just to name a few of the 27 different
gems. Each student will get an identifier and will learn to identify their gems and
where they come from. Did you know that Fluorite is the state stone of Illinois?
Everything they find is theirs to keep. Many teachers have made the comment

“I’ve never seen them so focused and working so hard.”

GRAVITY – Take a ride on the 400’ Zip Line and experience GRAVITY.
The students will gear up in safety equipment, climb to a platform on a telephone

pole and physics does the rest.

HAYRACK RIDE – Everyone will take a hayrack ride around the 54 acre farm.
Early in the season (May) the crops will just be coming up and the wildflowers just
beginning. It is not unusual to see deer, wild turkey, eagles and hundreds of other
Many groups bring a bag lunch and have a picnic – enjoying the sun and fresh air.

We also offer the option of a wiener roast.
It is a truly unique and inspiring day for the kids.