Giant Twister

A new TWIST on an old game! Up to 24 players compete in teams or individually out maneuvering opponents on a giant mat.


Twister is a classic party game that tests players’ flexibility and balance. Here are the basic rules of Twister:

  1. Setup: Unfold the Twister mat on a flat surface, revealing a grid of colored circles (red, yellow, green, and blue). Each row has the same color. Shuffle the Twister spinner with matching colors and body parts (left hand, right hand, left foot, and right foot).
  2. Players: Twister can be played by two or more players. Each player removes their shoes and stands on the opposite ends of the mat, with their left foot on a blue circle and their right foot on a green circle.
  3. Spinning: One person acts as the referee and spins the spinner, calling out the resulting color and body part combination (e.g., “right hand on red”).
  4. Gameplay: Each player must move the called body part to an available circle of the specified color without falling. Players can’t share circles, and they may stretch or twist their bodies to reach the circle. The referee should ensure that players follow the instructions and don’t cheat.
  5. Elimination: A player is eliminated if they: a. Fall or touch the mat with any body part other than the called ones. b. Fail to place the called body part on the specified color. c. Remove a limb from a circle before the referee calls the next spin.
  6. Winner: The last player remaining on the mat wins the game. If no player can make a legal move, the player who made the last successful move wins.

Remember always to play Twister with a focus on fun and safety to avoid injuries.

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